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Dulfy is an amazing web site containing many guides and weapon and armor skin galleries.

GW2 Spidy

GW2 Spidy is a site devoted to tracking metrics of the auction house. If you are curious how item sells are trending and want to try to play the market, take a look at this site!


GW2DB contains a wealth of information about the game. You will definately find a detailed database listing all the items in the game.... but you will also find many useful guides and calculators to help you out!

Millenium Matchups

This site contains an overview of the WvW status of the game. Useful if you want to see what server is in which bracket (and who is winning).

GW2 Skills

Here you will find a detailed character build tool. Play around with different combinations and find which build contains the stats you want!

Into The Mists

This is yet another character build site... but also contains a few helpful guides on how to build your character for each situation in game (a dungeon build vs a pvp build).

The Battlefront: World vs World